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Pilina - Education

We enhance connections toʻāina through education

We lead field trips with local schools, a summer program for area keiki, college courses, workshops and training for community learners of all ages. Our educational efforts center on learning stories, place names, land use history, policy and ecology of particular ʻāina, while building capacity to care for these places across generations.

MĀLAMA- Stewardship

We support community care of lands and waters across the island of Kauaʻi  

  • Engage directly in community cleaning, restoration and stewardship efforts; while also helping to nurture community groups leading this work.  

  • Serve as an umbrella non-profit for new community efforts,  facilitate meetings and planning, and connect groups with one another to learn. 

  • Hold lands in trust as kīpuka, spaces of community caretaking, family reunions, workdays, cultural workshops, education and resurgence.

ʻImi ʻIke - Research

We assist families, community groups, land owners and government with cultural, historic and archival lands research to aid in care and protection of ʻāina today 

  • Specialize in māhele and kuleana records, translation, place names, archival maps, historic images, land-use plans, and analysis to support policy reforms.   

  • Train people to conduct needed archival ʻāina research on their own. 

  • Build community archive of Kaua`i lands, cultural practices, and `ike to guide future restoration, caretaking, education, and governance.

Kākoʻo - ʻOhana Support

We provide tailored support to families working to keep ancestral lands 

We connect families with legal, counseling and ho`oponopono, estate planning, genealogical, and other resources. We work with ʻohana to craft respectful solutions tailored to particular ʻāina and circumstances, while also connecting area ʻohana to one another.  

Hoʻomalu- Policy & Protection

We work with government on policies to protect ʻohana and their lands

We work with the government on policies to protect ʻohana and their lands.  We educate new landowners about the ʻāina under their protection, while discouraging the sale and development of vulnerable properties. We work to promote contemporary models of relationships to place based on kuleana. 

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Crown Lands of Kauaʻi


This resource includes crown lands of Kauaʻi.

Anini Project


This project includes a report, story map, and timeline.

Working with County 


These initiatives include general plan amendants to protect ʻohana lands, general plan zoning, changes to tax break laws, and AAEF. 

Hoʻokahua Class

Course/ Resource

This course includes handouts and resources.

QLCC Workshop


This initiative in cludes the protection of kuleana and ʻohana lands funded by native voices rising.

ʻĀpana ʻOhana Workshop


This workshop includes resources for Kuleana and ʻOhana heir properties.



These resources include cool websites and student work

Wawa's Legacy


This initiative was direct ʻohana support.

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