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ʻOhana Support

We provide tailored support to families working to keep ancestral lands 

  • We connect families with legal, counseling, and hoʻoponopono, estate planning, genealogical, and other resources.

  • We help ʻohana to raise funds, establish family land trusts and keep their ʻohana lands in perpetuity wherever possible.

  • Where families have lost lands, we help them to negotiate access and stewardship agreements so they can continue to care for ʻohana ʻāina.

  • We work with ʻohana to craft respectful solutions tailored to particular ʻāina and circumstances, while also connecting area ʻohana to one another.  

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Projects and Resources

ʻĀpana ʻOhana

This workshop includes resources for families and others seeking to protect Kuleana and ʻohana heir properties.

QLCC Workshop

This initiative includes the protection of kuleana and ʻohana lands funded by Native Voices Rising.

Wawaʻs Legacy

This initiative was direct ʻohana support to keep ancestral land through a conservation purchase.